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Barter Post is a local home town dealer offering a whole new shopping experience to the community.

Friends enjoy our great selection of used estate merchandise. We make any deal you can afford, if you have items to trade we'll apply them to your purchase for even greater discounts or we'll pay you cash $ for your items. We like to buy good clean useable items, "Anything of Value!"


 Our New Friends Wholesale has become a big hit since the Tornadoes...

Back when the tornadoes left our homes and lives in devastation across the state and in our own community we wanted to give back and help our friends get back on track. We now offer a complete showroom in-store full of brand new name brand mattresses direct from the factory. We allow our friends to buy them at wholesale cost plus 10% and you can trade your old mattress set in for even greater discounts. We have had such great success that we have since expanded it to offer brand new furniture discounted to our friends.

"I just saved My Friend $500 bucks!"

we love to barter "trade-up"

We all work hard to make it in this life, but when the budget is tight you can save even more cash $ when you bring us something of value in good clean useable condition. We buy the piece or entire truckload!

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Barter Post Trade-up Store >>Biggest Friends Discounts | Rainsville, AL Furniture and Mattress

A Great place for our Friends to Trade something old, to Buy something New and we even pay you Cash $ for your Used items too...


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bodycool by Sleep Inc,

"It's SOooo COoooL"

Makers of Therapedic, Englander and Spring Air

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(4 days ago)

1 (4 days ago)

(6 days ago)

Best Deal

The Barcelona Brown is designed for plush comfort features oversized seating and built extra long 10' wide to give you more bang for your buck. Relax and enjoy the added chaise lounger which makes this the ultimate value for your home. You will appreciate the extra high quality details in stiching.…

Tracie Mcdaniel:

What kind of mattress u have got I have had 3 bk surgies and 2 neck and got spine diease I need something soft just let me know what u got and how much on fixed income ty (5 days ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

We do have several mattresses especially made by therapedic for chronic pain relief, everyone is so different when you come into the store we will pair you up with the correct mattress and we'll make it affordable for you... Jimmy (5 days ago)

Tracie Mcdaniel:

Thank you can u do payments? (5 days ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:


1 (1 week ago)

Beverly Spegal:

how much for the lounger chair? (2 days ago)

2 (1 month ago)

Wanda Chandler Lea:

is this in stock? (3 days ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

This sectional is also in stock in Brown. (3 days ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

Yes it is in stock (3 days ago)

1 (3 months ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

After Discount $799 (3 months ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

It's Easy Pay by the Week or Get the Cash Deal! (1 month ago)

Wanda Chandler Lea:

is this in stock? Does this come in brown? (3 days ago)

JimmyandKatee Joliet:

Yes we have this in stock in the Brown also. (3 days ago)

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