Barter Post - Alabama's Largest Rustic Furniture Showroom | Rainsville

Barter Post - Furniture & Mattress Rainsville AL

- Barter Post EasyPay Furniture Outlet $5 Take Home, Then Pay!  - Kick back and relax in a cool gel Recliner Motion Chair!

- When was the last time you soaked all your chronic pains into the showroom full of premium cool gel memory foam mattress at a store you could afford. Wholesale Cost + 10%  

- #barterpost a different kind of furniture and mattress store. Home of the biggest friends discount. $5 Take Home, Then Pay! 

- It's feels so good to finally pass down real solid wood bedroom furniture again. Long live Old West Furniture!

- A legend was born when they invented the innerspring coil mattresses. Quality Maximized  x 12,

We have the right mattress at the right price!

- I know how to mesmerize you. Just walk thru our warehouse and view the most amazing  rustic decor home store.  

- Imagine Solid rustic brown like the old bomber jacket, then wrap it all around with real cowhide. It absolutely makes your living room sofa sectional the best piece for everyone to talk about.  

- Barter Post - Furniture & Mattress in Rainsville AL,  We have the Dining Room Farm Table Set you're gonna love!   

- Happy Fathers Day "Everyday" thru June FREE Sales Tax or FREE Delivery $5 Take Home,  Then Pay  

- I remember when I was a boy, the days of the old west meant everything to me. Design your home rough and tough and become the legend.

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