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        Barter Post - Furniture & Mattress was established in July 2010 after the Tornadoes had devastated the area. Our business was started out of necessity with only 20 pieces of furniture left after loosing it all. We packed up and came to Rainsville, AL to start our new furniture business. We are so blessed to be a part of this community. In a short time folks began to come from all over the place like Alabama, Georgia, and the Tennessee Valley.

        One year later another set of Tornadoes devastated our friends and customers all around us. To help our friends get back what they had lost, the Biggest Friends Discount was invented to allow our community to buy all their home furnishings from us at 10% over what it cost. We make it affordable for our friends with EasyPay by the WEEK. Best of all since money doesn't grow on a tree, Trade something Old to Buy something New and we'll even pay you Cash for your Used items.

Thanks to you we now have over 30,000 friends on Facebook. Thank you for sharing! 

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