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WELCOME CHATANOOGA TENNESSEE - We are your Biggest Friends Discount Furniture Store, Mattress Store

We are located in Rainsville AL with over 17,000 Friends and growing from all over the Tennessee Valley.Alabama: Fort Payne, Albertville, Scottsboro, Gadsden | Georgia: Rome, Sommerville, Trenton | Tennessee: Jasper, Whitwell, Chattanooga and throughout the Tennessee Valley. Thank you for Sharing!

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Trade Something Old, to Buy Something New, We Pay Cash $

We have many Friends looking for a Furniture Store or Matress Store in Chattanooga, TN so when you hear about Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville, AL you are guaranteed to find The Biggest Friends Discount Home Furnishings that makes it worth the drive. Fair and easy pricing, Wholesale Cost Plus 10% and EasyPay by the WEEK. Let's Trade-Up for even greater discounts.


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