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WELCOME GADSDEN ALABAMA - We are your Biggest Friends Discount Furniture Store, Mattress Store

We are located in Rainsville AL with over 17,000 Friends and growing from all over the Tennessee Valley.Alabama: Fort Payne, Albertville, Scottsboro, Gadsden | Georgia: Rome, Sommerville, Trenton | Tennessee: Jasper, Whitwell, Chattanooga and throughout the Tennessee Valley. Thank you for Sharing!

LayAway or EasyPay by the WEEK for Way Less!

Trade Something Old, to Buy Something New, We Pay Cash $

We have many Friends looking for a Furniture Store or Matress Store in Gadsden, Alabama so when you hear about Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville, AL you are guaranteed to find The Biggest Friends Discount Home Furnishings that makes it worth the drive. Fair and easy pricing, Wholesale Cost Plus 10% and EasyPay by the WEEK. Let's Trade-Up for even greater discounts.

Family owned and operated! We pay the same price as all the other stores but we won't break the backs of hard working families to pay for it...  Jimmy and Katee Joliet Owner


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