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Affordable Children’s Bedroom Furniture


Renovating your child’s bedroom may seem like a thrilling venture, but it is in fact very exhausting and overwhelming. Choosing the right furniture that matches your theme, is functional, and does not cost you your life savings is a daunting task to complete. For your sweet inspiration, The Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store Fort Payne Rainsville Alabama has just the right offer that is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Why choosing the right Children’s Bedroom Furniture is Important

Did you know that your child’s bedroom predominantly plays a crucial role in their development? The bedroom is one of the first few spaces that your child primarily ‘owns’, it is where they spend most of their time while they are away from you. It is therefore essential that you decorate this sacred space with the furniture that suits them best.

The Mattress Matters

Before we dive into details, let us begin by addressing some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. For starters, most of the furniture stores at Fort Payne are lined up with queries about the perfect mattress and the bedding for your little ones. We at the Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store recommend the Twin-Raleigh ET Mattress for your little angels to sleep peacefully on. Did you know that with increased sleeping and nap time, your children are more likely to have healthier and more regular growth spurts? Thus, our Twin-Raleigh ET Mattress comes with special Lumber Cooling to allow your young ones to have a peaceful sleep. It is priced at a very reasonable rate of $197.00 and to assist all our very special customers, we give you the option of Easy Pay (as low as $14.95wk/mo!) unlike any other furniture stores in Fort Payne Al. This means NO credit checks are required AND we offer absolutely FREE Lay-Away.

Kids Beds and Headboards

With all the bedding sorted out, one of the most burning questions that we receive is regarding bed frames. We usually go to recommend our personal favorite: Twin Bookcase Captain Bed – Chestnut for just $899.00. The bed comes with additional storage to tuck away all the bedtime storybooks in a built-in bookcase so that they are always within reach. This beautiful bed set is also available in Pecan Finish at the biggest friend discount of $899.00. If you are also considering adding some fun elements to your child’s room, our custom-built Mickey Mouse Twin Headboard may be the right pick for you. It is available on our website at an exclusive price of $79.00.

Our custom-built furniture also features bed sets like our Marylin Purple Platform Bed for your picky teenage children who will not settle for anything less than what is in their favorite color. If you are looking for a twin bed in solid wood, the Weathered White Budget Twin Bed for just $299.00 is the best pick for you.

Storage Solutions for Children’s Bedroom

Storage is yet another problem that limits your choices when it comes to picking out furniture for your child’s bedroom. The Pecan Armoire With Skirt at the Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store is functional, pocket friendly and built to blend into the aesthetics of a child’s room. This solid wood armoire was for $1,125 but is now being offered at a special friend’s discount for just $899.00. This armoire is of perfect height and utilizes the vertical storage space in your child’s bedroom efficiently. For matching dressers, you might want to check out our Golden Oak Log Dresser 6 Drawer /Landscape Mirror, the 6 drawers offer sufficient storage space to organize all of your child’s belongings neatly. The landscape mirror ensures that there is enough room for everyone to look at themselves in the mirror and thus those ugly early morning quarrels about who ‘was standing here first’ are avoided at all costs. The dresser is available at a discounted rate of just $799.00.

Children’s Bedroom Accessories 

If you are looking to accessorize your child’s room, you might want to consider placing a study table and a lamp. Paintings or framed pictures may also be added for a pop of color. Choosing the color of your child’s room is also very important, however, most parents pay little to no attention to this fact. Did you know that colors have an impact on your child’s development? Recent research has concluded that colors are known to improve mood and thus the overall well-being of your child. With everything sorted out, like all adults, your minions also deserve a spot in their room to relax and for this, we think our Mini Stars Navy- 400 Kids Recliner fits the best. These recliners are available in interesting colors and patterns for your little ones at just $119.00. 

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