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Having a living room with good furniture is extremely important for your mental wellbeing as you spend most of your day in your living room. A living room with old or very sparse furniture can be an additional source of depression. It is important that your furniture is comfortable, adds some pop of color to uplift mood and is trendy. Many people fail to find good places to buy quality furniture that is also affordable. If you are looking to update your living room furniture, take a look at Barter Post. We have year-round sales on furniture that can become the reason for your next party as we learn to re-socialize and regain control of our social calendar. 

To make our offerings more accessible we also have an EasyPay option where you can pay in installments without having to make any compromises.

Easy Pay – Pay in installments

What kind of living room furniture is on trend today?

Now that you have figured out where to get your furniture from and how to manage the expenses, it is very important that you also understand what kind of living room furniture is on trend today. To get a good idea of some trending furniture, have a look at this slate grey sofa set. It’s a color that anchors a very stark white room and is great for hiding stains when you have kids in the house. The loveseat that comes with it boosts the seating capacity so it’s great for entertaining and larger families. If you prefer a more vintage look, then this two-tone reclining sofa will be a great addition to your living room. It oozes comfort and is ideal for movie nights and Sunday games with your buddies and family. 

Do you like to move your living room furniture around? 

If you don’t, this might be a sign for you to give it a try. Just a slight reconfiguration of furniture allows you to gain a new perspective and makes you feel like you’re in a totally new space. Try a new setting and you might just like it. 

Similarly, people question how often they should buy new living room furniture. According to studies, a typical sofa lasts anywhere from 7 years to 10 years. Keeping in mind the fact that you have to see the same sofa every day for that long, you might get bored of merely changing its placement. Hence, it is recommended you switch up or upgrade every 5 years. While it’s important to get something durable and leather is a trusted and stable choice of fabric in sofas such as this chocolate brown reclining leather sofa you need to be able to identify when it’s time to let go. Be attached to the memories you make with your loved ones and invite new furniture and positivity to make more. 

Are you in the market for stylish living room furniture?

People who upgrade their furniture are often in search of trendy new pieces to add to their living space like this L-shaped Asher Brown sectional sofa which is great for a Fall upgrade. For a lighter color palette, take a look at the NorthWest Mink Motion which is great for large spaces. If you’re looking to furnish a smaller space or apartment, we have you covered with this dark chocolate reclining sofa or the Fargo Saddle Sofa which is easy to move around and adapt into any setting.

Often people get confused when it comes to selecting living room furniture. It’s not only about the sofa; it may be a large piece of the puzzle but it must fit in seamlessly with other pieces to give a cohesive look. The set of chairs and table also needs to tie together with the centerpiece in terms of color tone and the overall aesthetic that you’re going for. Here are some living room chair options that you can browse and buy to compliment your sofa.  

All said and done, good luck on making the right choices and embracing new beginnings. And if incurring a large expense is the only thing holding you back then manage your finances, with a customized monthly installment plan.

Head over to our FAQ section if you have questions or feel free to call us and we will gladly assist you with your Furniture requirements

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