LUMBAR COOL MATTRESS HYBRID + Adjustable bed base – Mattresses Best for chronic back and body Pain, the Lumbar Cool Hybrid Mattress is a better choice with the patented Spinal Zone technology that levitates, holding your body up instead of sinking into the mattress. 

This amazing advancement takes the pressure off the lower body and lumbar region to help manage chronic and when an adjustable bed base is added, your body has a better opportunity to get a deeper longer lasting sleep that helps the healing process begin.

180 Day lowest price guarantee.



Starting at $2099

A Lumbar Cool “Gold” Tufted Mattress, It’s a cool and luxurious soft to the touch mattress, built with a super duty coil system, amazing edge to edge support, continuous lasting foams, designed to cuddle your body in a way that let’s your body rest.. Quality Made in USA

– Cool Luxury Fabrics
– Continuous Longer Lasting Foams
– Comfort & Support That’s Guaranteed!

Sleep Better and Feel Beautiful!

1. HAND TUFTING LAST LONGER – Hand tufting compresses foam and springs tighter which prevents products inside from moving. It reduces friction caused from movement. It takes a skilled craftsman to create the tufted mattress. Cool, Continuous, Comfort

2. FOAMS WON’T BREAK DOWN – All the foams are compressed which eliminates the mattress from sinking in the middle causing you or your partner from rolling into the middle. Eliminate the break in process. Foams hold their comfort longer than the conventional mattresses.

3. TEMPERATURE NEUTRAL – Fabric helps you to sleep longer thru the night reducing night sweats.

4. LUMBAR COOL / SPINAL ZONE TECHNOLOGY – This newly design is a major advancement when it comes to problems of the spine. When you lay on our mattress you instantly feel the extra support in the lumbar region, this helps when your experiencing pain from, curvature of the spine, surgeries, degenerative or bulging disks.

5. ENHANCED SHOULDER AREA – We’ve designed the shoulder area a little softer with pressure less foams to help the neck and upper body to relax better and it helps to reduce numbness in the upper body.

6. ENHANCED LEG / FOOT AREA – We’ve also designed the lower body area with a softer pressure less foam to reduce the stress on hips and legs, Leg syndrome and neuropathy has been a growing concern so we deigned it to be more comfortable.

7. SUPER DUTY COIL SYSTEM – State of the art support with a dual 900+ pocketed coils, built stronger with “AMERICAN MADE STEEL” 13 Gage tempered steel, from edge to edge.

8. BREATHABLE FABRIC – The fabrics have a luxurious soft feel. Cool to the touch with 400% more airflow to help dissipate heat around your body.

9. CHRONIC PAIN RELIEF – “Our friends are built different, so we build different”. We offer the most relaxing comfort levels to help aide in the relief of chronic body pain that keeps you from getting a better nights rest.

10. COMFORT GUARANTEE / WARRANTY – We use better products, Quality Made in USA, so our warranty is better than our competitors, that’s why we offer our friends a 30 DAY COMFORT GUARANTEE – If your new Lumbar Cool Mattress is not the most amazing mattress you thought it would be, then bring it back , we’ll let you exchange or upgrade to another comfort, one time within 30 days and that’s our promise to you.

We understand no mattress will fix ya’, but a Lumbar Cool Mattress will help you feel better, it will help you sleep longer, which allows the natural healing process to kick in and let your body rest.


latex + memory cool hYBRId

Starting at $1299

Lumbar Cool Mattress Made By Local American Workers

LUMBAR COOL MATTRESS HYBRID COOL – Mattresses Best for Back Pain that offer chronic pain relief, lumbar pain relief, restless legs, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, hot flashes, night sweats, neck and shoulder, carpal tunnel pressure numbness, surgery and recovery

A Hybrid mattress is made of several technologies and we feature: Quality US steel pocketed coils + Patented Spinal Zone – Talalay Bliss Latex and Superior Cooler Memory Foam and cooler fabrics have more than 400% increased air-flow for temperature moderation. Won’t make you hot or cold

This is my own 5 star review as I see it in person. The mattress looks very good quality, double stitching, you can tell the factory has paid good attention to every detail.

As I Lay down on this mattress in the showroom, I feel an overwhelming sensation of relief. It’s like the pain has lifted off my hips and I feel instant relief in my lower back right away. 

I can feel the spinal zone, it’s like a cage overtop of the coils and it is very comfortable. I feel as though my body is slightly levitated, not sinking down into the mattress like conventional mattresses do. 

I also notice the pressure has come off my restless legs. I raised my head on the adjustable bed base a little bit and feel the extra oxygen in my breathing as I do have sleep apnea and sometimes feel restricted but this feels good. 

So now I raise my feet slightly above my heart and I can tell a huge difference when I was in that position. My feet usually burn from the neuropathy but since it’s caused from a pinched nerve in my back I can tell the difference.

Overall this is a thumbs up for me. By the time I was finished I had to try the massage feature of the bed and the position I chose alternated the massage back and forth and the pulsated down my spine. I was in awe and I awoke and realized I woke up in the same exact position as I fell asleep, this was crazy as I still had the remote in my hand. Lol


memory cool+cOIL hYBRId

Starting at $1599

Memory foam can be a great option for those who struggle with painful pressure points and bad backs as it is known for its ability to conform to your body’s unique curvatures. However, traditional memory foam has been known in some cases to cause the sleeper to get hot. This is where gel infused memory foam comes in. This material utilizes the same visco elastic properties as traditional memory foam with the addition of the latest gel foam which is infused into the mattress which has a great ability to keep the sleeper cool.

What is Gel Memory Foam?

Let’s start by clearly defining exactly what gel infused memory foam mattresses are. This material was largely introduced to consumers in 2011, and it was designed specifically to help keep the body temperature down in order to help encourage entrance into the more rejuvenating stages of sleep. A good way to visualize how this works is to consider a gel ice pack. In much the same way as the gel inside the pack keeps your food cold, the gel infused into the mattress helps keep your body cool.


Types of Gel Memory Foam?

As with most types of products on the market, different companies have put their own spin on the manufacturing of gel memory foam products. For example, some mattresses incorporate a gel pad layer either on top or beneath other layers of the product. It can also be poured into the foam mold as it sets or even placed within the layers in bead form. It’s worth mentioning that a gel-infused product can often offer higher cooling properties as beads often warm up to body temperature and then cease to offer the same degree of temperature regulation. This is more often the case when the gel beads are located in the upper comfort layer.


Is Gel Memory Foam Better?

Things have come a long way since the introduction of traditional memory foam, and in our experience, cool memory foam mattresses utilising gel properties help the user stay significantly cooler. 

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