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Sleep Better with a New Mattress from BarterPost

Prosperity Hybrid Mattress

The best gift you can give yourself every day is a sound and comfortable sleep. Without good sleep, your mind and body stay sluggish and achy. Are you craving more sleep and waking up exhausted? If so, you may need a new mattress from BaterPost. Here at Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store located in Rainsville, Alabama, we’re stocked with mattresses of every kind. We carry every size and comfort level available for you to find your perfect sleep. And with Easy Pay options, you can buy now, pay later. Stop by to view our full selection and schedule your delivery!

Twin Foam Mattress

Twin Foam Mattress

Our Twin Foam Mattress is balanced between firm and soft. It’s the perfect fit as a kids first mattress or a much needed upgrade from their old hand-me-down! This mattress is simple, restful, supportive and budget friendly. 


Twin + Full Innerspring Mattresses

For kids, teens, or the guest room, our Twin and Full Innerspring Mattresses are budget friendly and sleep ready. Whether you have a smaller space suited for the twin, or need a size to spread out on like the full size, both are made with the same comfort in mind. This innerspring design is made to keep you sleeping sound in the evening, ready to bounce back renewed every morning.

Prosperity Hybrid Mattress

Twin Prosperity Pillow Top Mattress

Fall into heaven each evening with the Twin Prosperity Pillow Top Mattress. Perfect for kids or smaller rooms, this twin-size mattress is budget friendly and beyond comfortable. It’s easy to fall and stay asleep on this cloud-like pillow top design. 


Full 6-inch Memory Foam Dreamer Mattress

If memory foam is more your style and you need to fill a kid, teen, or guest room, the Full 6-inch Memory Foam Dreamer Mattress is the mattress you’ve been looking for. Rest soundly on a bed that holds your body like a glove. Wake up rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day with newfound energy.


Full Eastman Plush Double Sided Mattress

Comfortable and durable, the Full Eastman Plush Double Sided Mattress brings you many nights of restful sleep. The double-sided design is made to give you the same balanced sleep on both sides. Ready for a guest room or for kids and teens. 

Queen + King Mattresses

Our Queens and Kings are for sale starting at $699 with the highest quality for sale at $999. Select quality closeout mattresses available for even less! Find your perfect sleep from the selection below.


Queen + King Oldwest Wrangler Firm Mattress

For the couple with firm tastes, check out the Queen and King Oldwest Wrangler Firm Mattress. Available in both sizes with the same firm feel. This mattress is sturdy and supportive without the sinking qualities of a soft mattress. Enjoy a solid and steady sleep every night.


Queen & King Old West Wrangler Plush Mattress

On the softer side is the Queen and King Old West Wrangler Plush Mattress. A good balance of not too firm nor too soft, this is a great bed for the couple with differing preferences. You can both wake up refreshed after a comfortable night of deep sleep.


Queen & King Oldwest Wrangler Pillow Top Mattress

Ready to fall asleep as soon as you lay down? The Queen and King Oldwest Wrangler Pillow Top Mattress is your best fit. Like the twin pillow top mattress, this bed feels like sleeping on a cloud


Custom Built Chronic Pain Relief Mattresses

Suffer from chronic pain? It’s time for a new bed. And we have custom options available for you! We can locate or build a mattress that can take away chronic pain and give you a relaxing break every evening. Add an adjustable base to raise your head or feet, or get a massage! You don’t have to suffer. You can start managing symptoms that are causing your body to be sluggish, slow thinking, and hard to get out of bed in the morning. It’s time for a new mattress and we’ve ‘got your back!’

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