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The Ultimate BarterPost Christmas Gift Guide for 2021

YUGO BUFFET at Barterpost

Sometimes the best gifts don’t fit around the Christmas tree. They are the gifts you wake up to find in your room or set up downstairs — a new bunk bed or a massage recliner. Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store located in Rainsville, Alabama, is stocked with the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And with Easy Pay options, you can buy now, pay later. Find the perfect gift from our listing below, or stop by to view our full selection! Schedule delivery, and check another gift off your list.

Yugo Buffet + Media Cabinet

Elegant and flexible for any space, the Yugo Buffet and Media Cabinet is the perfect gift for any home. This new member is prepared to store every device and accessory with four drawers at the top and ample cabinet space below. Its natural wood finish and easy storage bring value to any space it appears in.

Stone Brown Barn Door Large Island with 4 Stools

Host a coffee date, store your kitchen necessities, and warm that empty space with the Stone Brown Barn Door Large Island with 4 Stools. The best gift for the home or wife searching for the right island. This quality piece brings a steadiness to the kitchen, and the barn doors will be a unique talking point during every home tour.

Weathered Gray Small Island with 4 Stools

Finished in a smooth, light gray and designed to fit efficiently in any room, the Weathered Gray Small Island with 4 Stools is at home anywhere and everywhere. All 4 stools can be stored below when not in use and your extras are kept safe in the wide drawer. Perfect gift for the wife, this island brings simplicity to busy and beauty to any room design.

Ultra Plush Heat + Massage Rocker Recliner

Long and stressful days are becoming more and more common. Luckily, the Ultra Plush Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner can be your home base for rest and relaxation. Complete with a remote to control your heated recliner, this is sure to be your wife’s favorite gift of the year

Brookline Gray Rustic Bar

Complete your man cave with the Brookline Gray Rustic Bar. Pull up a stool or stand at the front with your favorite beverage, and store all drinks, glasses and accessories inside. The rustic wooden finish brings an old-time bar aesthetic to your chosen space. Matching bar stools are available to complete the look!

Jeep Light up Bar

If your husband has a passion for Jeeps, the Jeep Light up Bar is the perfect gift for his man cave. The grill of a red Jeep is featured at the front with headlights and a black bumper. Place against the wall and store your glasses, beverages and accessories on the shelves above.

Godiva Power Headrest Recliner

After a long day, what better way to relax than in your own personal recliner? Surprise your husband with the Godiva Power Headrest Recliner. Insanely comfortable and exceptionally functional, this seat has a hidden compartment for his favorite books or electronics, and a USB connection to charge any devices.

Baseball Kids Recliner

Kids deserve a space in the home to relax as well. Gift your son or daughter a recliner that matches their style. The Baseball Kids Recliner comes in an array of designs from special colors and patterns to their favorite movie or sports team. You can find the one-of-a-kind recliner for any child, no matter how specific.

Chestnut Bookcase Captains Twin Bed

In need of more bedroom storage space? The Chestnut Bookcase Captains Twin Bed is the gift for your son or daughter. With bookshelves at the headboard and six drawers below the mattress, you can store more without taking up space in your already crowded bedroom. A rich and natural wood finish complements any child’s unique bed covers.

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Chestnut Stair Storage Bunk Bed Twin

Another efficient use of space, the Chestnut Stair Storage Bunk Bed provides both bed and storage space all in one. Surprise your sons or daughters with their own bunk bed, complete with stairs instead of a ladder for easy access to the top. 

Truly the most beautiful time of year, Christmas is the season of giving. Fill a need or spoil your loved one this year with a gift they’ll always remember and own for years to come. Even better, purchase the perfect gift stress-free with our affordable EasyPay options! No credit check financing options available. Our furniture store is located at 132 Old Hwy 35E Rainsville, AL and with 3 huge warehouses of inventory, there is a gift for everyone. Visit us to explore and set up your delivery today!

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