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Lumbar Cool + Adjustable
Chronic Pain Mattress!


– Mattresses Best for chronic back and body Pain, the Lumbar Cool Hybrid Mattress is a better choice with the patented Spinal Zone technology that levitates, holding your body up instead of sinking into the mattress. 

This amazing advancement takes the pressure off the lower body and lumbar region to help manage chronic and when an adjustable bed base is added, your body has a better opportunity to get a deeper longer lasting sleep that helps the healing process begin.

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180 Day lowest
price guarantee.

Comfy Cool + Organic
Hybrid Mattress!

Comfy Cool – Organic Body Rest Mattress

-We can stay as basic as you need with the new Comfy Cool  Organic Body Rest Mattresses by Lumbar Cool Mattress. The Comfy Cool Sleep System is all about being free from harmful chemical. Allergy Free – Chemical Free is better for our bodys’ and better for the earth. 

Our newest selection – Bamboo Black & Aloe offering a more organic solution to your lifestyle. We build confidence in offering top of the line products. 

180 Day lowest
price guarantee.

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Old West - Springs
Best Value Mattress!


-Folks love to choose the Wrangler mattresses because nothing compares to the comfort, quality of craftsmanship and price. This is a 5 star solution to making better choice when on a budget, 

Our best shoppers say it’s the best value, You can afford to Buy 2 mattresses for what it cost for the upper line at twice the price of our competitors.

Old West SALE

180 Day lowest
price guarantee.

A Bad Mattress
Keeps Your Pain Alive!

Your mattress is old and is no longer supportive, it’s making your chronic symptoms of pain worsen over time. You don’t have to suffer, you can start by managing your symptoms that cause your body to be sluggish, slow thinking, hard to get out of bed in the morning. it’s time for a new mattress.

So many people blame it on exercise, old injuries, or sitting at a desk all day. Don’t be fooled when it comes to having a proper night’s sleep. That terrible mattress is keeping pain alive.

The quality of your mattress means the quality of your life. It’s so true and the studies’ don’t lie. Take a second look at your situation and ask your self “Am I getting any better” or is my body breaking down with the old mattress.

Check out the new Comfy Cool Organic Mattress that won’t break the pocketbook and if you require more mattresses the Lumbar Cool is best for back pain and will help you to get better sleep and feel beautiful again.