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“Welcome to the Firm Support Series for back-sleepers at Southern Home Mattress. If you desire a sleeping surface that prioritizes support and stability, our collection of firm mattresses is designed with you in mind. Crafted for those who value proper alignment and the robust support of a firmer feel, our Firm Support Series ensures a restorative sleep without compromising on comfort. Maybe you’re a side-sleeper? Try our “Plush Comfort Series.”

"Essential Comfort"

"Premium Comfort"

"Signature Comfort"

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Firm Support - Essential Comfort
“Essential Comfort Series" - This would be the entry-level tier single-sided firm support mattress, providing basic comfort and support that is a step above the rest.
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Firm Support - Premium Comfort
“Premium Comfort Series" - This middle tier single-sided firm support mattress, provides enhanced features, improved materials, and added benefits for sleepers who want a little extra luxury.
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Firm Support - Signature Comfort
“Signature Comfort Series" – The top tier single-sided firm support mattress, offers the highest level of luxury and sophistication, including the best materials and most advanced sleep technology in your offerings.

Our firm mattresses are more than just a sturdy surface. They blend innovative materials, advanced design, and decades of expertise to provide a sleeping experience that alleviates pressure, aligns your spine, and offers unparalleled durability. Whether you’re a back sleeper, someone dealing with chronic pain, or simply someone who enjoys the reassuring feel of a firm mattress, our collection offers options tailored to your unique needs.

Discover our range of firm mattresses, each thoughtfully constructed to offer the very essence of support, quality, and lasting comfort. Let Southern Home Mattress help you find the perfect blend of firmness and luxury, delivering a night of restful sleep that energizes your days.”





Other Comfortable Mattresses

    • “Plush Comfort Series”
    • “Pillow Top Dream Series”
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Hello Ask me anything
Hello! Ask me anything... Southern Home Mattress Representative: Hi there! How can I assist you in finding the perfect sleep experience today? Customer: I would like a Queen size mattress delivered to my home. Thank you! Representative: Of course! We have Queen mattresses in firm, plush, or pillow-top options. Which one do you lean towards? Customer: I prefer a plush mattress. Representative: Excellent choice! Would you like a single-sided or double-sided plush mattress? Customer: I prefer double-sided. Representative: Perfect. We categorize our mattresses into three distinct levels: Essential, Premium, and Signature. To make things even more convenient, our mobile mattress store can bring your chosen mattress right to your doorstep! And if you're seeking a unique sleep experience or have specific needs, like luxury customization or relief for chronic pain, our mattress specialist with 30 years of expertise welcomes you in-store. We're open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. Ready to redefine comfort? Customer: Absolutely! Let's do it.

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