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The Sinclair Firm double sided mattress, is a premium choice for those seeking optimal support and comfort. This exceptional mattress is thoughtfully designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide you with a truly satisfying sleep experience.

At the heart of the Sinclair Firm mattress is the natural Tencel® in our premium quilted cover. Tencel® is renowned for its exceptional absorbency, incredible softness, and superior cooling properties. It surpasses cotton, silk, and linen, enhancing moisture-wicking capabilities and promoting natural hygiene. Experience a cool and dry sleep surface throughout the night.

Features alternating offset coils, setting it apart from traditional coil systems. These coils provide increased support, reduced roll-off, and better comfort, support, and alignment. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and wake up feeling fully supported and refreshed.

To maximize the sleeping surface and improve edge support, the coil systems are encased in foam and built to be flipped over to enjoy a larger usable area of the mattress and feel confident in its stability, even when sleeping near the edges.

We understand the importance of long-lasting comfort, which is why the comfort and support foams are expertly crushed. This process minimizes initial softening, ensuring the mattress retains its firmness and support over time. Experience consistent comfort that feels like new, night after night.

The Sinclair Firm mattress is also specifically designed to articulate on adjustable beds. Customize your sleep experience by adjusting the mattress to your preferred position. Whether you prefer an elevated headrest for reading or a slight incline for better breathing, this mattress adapts to your needs, ensuring ultimate comfort and support.

Now, let’s delve into the layers of the Sinclair Firm mattress. The quilt layer features a premium Tencel® quilted cover, providing a luxurious and inviting surface for a restful sleep. Beneath the quilt layer, you’ll find a comfortable layer of ¾-inch foam, cradling your body and offering gentle cushioning.

At the core of the mattress lies a supportive and durable 6-inch foam-encased open coil spring unit. This unit provides long-lasting support, ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points for a rejuvenating sleep experience. On top of the spring unit, there is an additional ¾-inch comfort foam layer that adds an extra touch of plushness.

With an overall mattress height of approximately 12 inches, the Sinclair Firm offers a substantial and supportive sleep surface. Rest assured that this mattress is crafted with precision and quality to provide the firmness and support you need for a restful night’s sleep.

Experience the exceptional support and comfort of the Sinclair Firm double-sided mattress. Enjoy the benefits of the premium Tencel® quilted cover, the advanced coil system, and the thoughtful design that caters to adjustable beds. Elevate your sleep experience with the Sinclair Firm and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


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