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Old West Furniture Catalog

Build It! Custom Build Your Own! – Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom Furniture at Barter Post Furniture & Mattress Store Fort Payne – Rainsville AL

(256) 638-1556 Tue-Sat 10am-4pm

Custom Build Your Own Living room

  • Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Hammered Nail heads
  • Stationary – Motion – Log
  • Cabin Lodge Outdoor Scenery
  • Solid or Two Tone Fabrics

1. Choose the furniture items desired, – 2. choose color option – 3. place your order Note: this is a custom build, please allow time to get the desired items. View Catalog with pricing for our customers. Contact us

Built It! Old West Furniture
Living Room - Dining Room - Bedroom

Barter Post – Old West Furniture and Mattress Store – Fort Payne – Rainsville AL

Main Store – HWY 35

Hours: Mon thru Sat 10am to 4pm
Phone: (256) 638-1556
Text: (256) 400-4242
Address: 166 Old Highway 35 E. Fort Payne – Rainsville AL 35986

We take you back to when the days of the old west, designed with that truly authentic vintage look of the old western style home furnishings. Distressed to perfection living room, dining room, and bedroom in real solid wood rough cut or smooth finishes. The way furniture was made to be passed down for many generations.

Affordable Classic, Farmhouse, Western Rustic, and Kids Rustic Furniture…at a price that will keep you grinning like a cat in a birdhouse!

Custom design & build furniture inspired by you, it’s going to make your home feel fantastic and add so much character. It’s not so hard to interior decorate your living room; staying basic is always the best choice; for example: if you paint your walls dark, then light color tones stand out the best, or if you go light to dark may be better. Stand back and look at your floor, maybe you just had a new home built or renovated your house with new flooring.

What color did you choose? Oak, hickory, pine? They are all great flooring colors and will blend with most styles. Sit with me in the office, and with all my years of experience, I will make you feel like a pro, and you’ll be so proud you did it.

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